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From Facebook 4.9 Stars out of 5!!!!

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5 Stars out of 5

"This brother is a dope MC an anointed Im always checking for what he's doing."

- Chalandon Walker

5 Stars out of 5

"Gets better and better every time keep up the good work God bless."

-Steven Seay

5 Stars out of 5

"Great Praise music! Very inspiring! Makes you wanna fight and not give up! HALLELUJAH!"

-Lorrenzo Anderson

5 Stars out of 5

"My husband has a incredible gift and I'm blessed to be part of and see how much he's done with his talent! Love you!"

-Deja Edwards

5 Stars out of 5

"Anthony's music is great. It inspires many people. His music speaks to people when the need it the most. Keep up the great work brother."

-Clarissa Edwards

5 Stars out of 5

"What caught my attention from the beginning was AE's transparency in his music. His lyrics let me know exactly where he was at, whether in the struggle or on the verge of a victory. I could relate. Most rappers in spirituality come off judgemental but AE is far from that. Heartfelt is a great word to describe what I think about Da Mc Preacha. Much LOVE and Success!"

-Queen O

5 Stars out of 5

"AE goes in for the Lord!...He puts his soul into the lyrics of his music so uplifting!...So blessed to know this young man....a man of God! I absolutely love Anthony's music an to watch him perform really show the love he has for the Lord... touches so many souls!"

-Loretta Guess

4 Stars out of 5

"I love that were AE is going as an artist. Each you bro, you go higher and higher. Keep doing what you do"

- Karlis Gray

5 Stars out of 5 

"AE is an awesome artist and one of my favorite artists we had a lot of awesome ones back in the spot days and always have loved hearing his music still have some of the first cds you ever gave me bro one love hope i can see you again on my birthday lol which is that concert keep goin hard and putting in that work for the lord brother"

-Christopher Murphy

5 Stars out of 5

"Hard work pays off. My brother doesn't stop until he produces the best of his product. Love working with you & your a great producer/artist/ & musician all together. Keep up the good work!!"

-Ellis Williams

5 Stars out of 5

"I cannot help but admire this man of God in his ministry which has greatly touched my great nephews life & mine. I love the music that he makes, and that last CD that I got from him has stayed in my car CD & played almost constantly, as we travel around. Looking forward to getting his latest."

-Gale Miller

5 Stars out of 5

"I have been listening to Ae music for many years and he always comes with that heat. Also was honored to be on a track with him!"

-Joe Scott

5 Stars out of 5

"Anthony Edwards aka Ae Da MC Preacha has always been bold and authentic with his bars, talking about Jesus and even his testimony. Definitely love supporting him and I'm encouraged to know he supports me."
Keep up the good work bro
P.S. I HAVE EVERY CD FROM #StruggleMusic TO #RebelsOfTheLight

-Eliseo Torrez aka KS

5 Stars out of 5

"Cincinnati, Ohio has the most talent as a whole compared to any other city and AE is another reason why."

-Demetrius Springer

5 Stars out of 5

"Been rocking with AE since "Struggle Music", definitely one of the most consistent artist in the city. Keep putting in WORK bro #KingdomBuilders513"

-Ron Johnson

4 Stars out of 5

"Lyrics are on point! Passion can be heard throughout his music and you can feel the love he has in his music for God!!"

-D Maub

5 Stars out of 5

"Dope beats and a powerful Message! Definitely can't wait for more music!!"

-Josiah Barnes

5 Stars out of 5

Love the new album!! Limitless is definitely fire!

-Matthew DeBolt

5 Stars out of 5

"Man U snapped on this album, FIRE! New level! 2nd Verse on King of the north! Wow!"

-St James

5 Stars out of 5

"This guy put me on to so much music growing up and inspired me to be creative with music. Self taught producer and passionate rapper. Been doing music a long time each project working on perfecting his craft. Check out his music, highly recomnended"

-Jordan Cornwell aka JC

5 Stars out 5

My brother is a gift from the almighty! A visionary and true leader through Christ! I still have old CDs I bump just cause of the gift! You touch the masses!! Don't EVER stop! Love you Bro.

-Ariana Ella

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